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Teje Waidmann's vibrant and welcoming studio is located in Vienna's 8th district, Strozzigasse 38, where she takes great pride in the use of traditional methods to create bespoke jewellery. The goldsmith, and jewellery designer, Teje Waidmann loves original and old materials and uses ancient skills, the technique of hammering having become her signature trademark.  

"A piece of jewellery should be a companion treasured every day of your life. " All the commissions are bespoke and designed to suit each customer's style and personality. Her stunning pieces are unique, well made with a personal touch and an excellent eye for detail.

„The true value of a piece of jewellery lies in the emotions it evokes in the person wearing it“  

Teje Waidmann


Birhthplace of new creations

As I am constant thinking of original and challenging ideas new treasures are being created in my studio. Whilst talking and listening to my clients, I am trying to discover their secret wishes thus enabling me to translate a client's initial idea into a beautiful piece of finished jewellery.  

Each piece is being made involving a diverse and fascinating dialogue between my mind and hands combined with a unique design to create beautiful, one of a kind and skillfully handcrafted jewellery. At the end each piece tells an individual, special story.  



Trendy, traditional or classic

Atelier Teje is featuring several distinctive collections, including: 

reinterpreted traditional jewellery, little silver or golden angels for christening or first communion, cuff links as well as napkin rings/eggcups for Easter. 

She uses traditional goldsmithing skills combined with various materials such as leather, metal and gemstones and unique designs to create beautiful, one of a kind skillfully handcrafted jewellery.

News & Press

Cooperation Wäscheflott

Wäscheflott/bespoke shirtmakers cooperated at the event „Striped and checked garnished with precious metal“. 



About me

Teje Waidmann - jewelry Designer

I am passionate about the craftmanship of goldsmithery and the precious materials I use. I am grateful to be able to make pieces of enduring value.  

I work with the client to design and make her or his own unique, individual, one of a kind skillfully handcrafted jewellery.   

All pieces I create are made by hand on site in my studio, using techniques from a repertoire of traditional goldsmithing skills such as sawing, rolling, bending, and hammering: 

engagement rings, wedding rings, morning gifts, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cuff links, as well as table decorations and home accessories.


Strozzigasse 38, A-1080 Wien

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