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Tailor made jewelry

I value the traditional craft of goldsmithing and handcraft every piece of jewellery. Every piece is one of a kind. 


Jewellery pieces are made of solid materials and are durable. That makes it possible to redesign a piece in most cases. Do you have an old piece of jewellery that is no longer worn? I would love to work together with you to find a design that turns your keepsake into a new treasure.  


I am well-versed in the manufacturing of precious metals and am happy to help you decide. Have a look at my gallery (place left) where you will find palladium white gold, red gold, yellow gold, middle gold, silver, and blackened and buffed silver. I only use gold from certified mines. 

Gemstones have the wonderful ability to transmit emotion through colour. The nearly infinite palette of hues and shapes, and the precise cut are for me a magical tool: it makes the wearer’s personality unfold. 

individual hand crafted item

„In meinem Atelier wird erzählt, zugehört, gefühlt. Ich möchte die Wünsche meiner Kunden

aufspüren und nachspüren, um jedem Schmuckstück seine Einzigartigkeit zu geben,

die es zu etwas ganz Besonderem macht.“

Teje Waidmann  

Close collaboration with the customer is necessary to ensure that the new piece of jewellery also becomes a treasured piece. Usually three or four meetings are required. 

1. Briefing/Sketches

During our first meeting, we will be talking about the motiv for the new jewelry, the person who will be wearing it and your preferred materials. The importance you are giving to this piece as well as all the ideas you are telling me during our conversation are inspiring me to develop your personal design, of which I will be drawing first scetches on paper.

2. Implementation

In our second conversation I will be presenting you first ideas and we will make the necessary amendments together. Once the design as well as the materials are finalised I will be starting my work of realising your piece of jewelry.

3. Realisation

Your personal jewelry will be ready on our third encounter. In certain cases I will be crafting a prototype in silver to check the feasibility of the idea and/or make the design more tangible. In that case and additional conversation will be needed before the handover of your jewelry.

Tailor-made Jewelry


Strozzigasse 38, A-1080 Wien

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